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How to Write a Resume

The rules surrounding how to write a resume may have changed since you last applied for a new job. Your resume is your ticket to a job interview, so the stakes are high.

If you're searching for your next career opportunity, you need to recognize a harsh reality of the job search process - resumes are typically used to screen people out, not in. Candidates don't like to hear this, but it's true.

As a recruiter, I receive hundreds of unsolicited resumes each week - and hundreds more that are possibilities for the assignments I'm currently working. How do I find the stars amid the clutter?

Your Customized Calling Card

Your resume will be your calling card with prospective employers. Sometimes great experience is not enough. How many times have you applied for a position that you know you were perfectly qualified for but the interview call never came? Most companies don't even acknowledge receipt of your correspondence these days!

The way you package your experience in response to a specific opportunity can be a critical factor in determining whether you're called for an interview.

We will teach you how to write a resume by giving you step by step instructions to developing a document that works. We'll review the critical components needed to sell your experience and we'll give you the inside story on what hiring managers and HR professionals look for.

Do you need an objective?

What about a Summary Section?

How should you highlight your accomplishments?

What format should you use?

We'll take the mystery out of this step in the job search process.

DerrJones wants to make it easy for you to succeed in your job search, and knowing how to write a resume is a critical step in the process. We have assembled all that you'll need to know about how to write a resume that will lead to more interviews.

Work your way through the links below and before you know it, you'll be well equipped to build your personal resume. We've included some resume do's and don'ts along the way as well as suggested formats you can adapt for your own use. And, since a sales resume needs some special attention, you'll find some special instructions for sales professionals on how to write a resume in this free information packed resource!

Types of Resumes

One of the first decisions you'll need to make when you are putting your resume together is what type of resume you're going to create. The sections below will give you a good overview of the options you have and the pros and cons of one format over another.

Chronological Resume: The Preferred Resume Layout

Experienced hiring professionals prefer a chronological resume format over any other format choice you might make. We'll talk about how to write a resume in this format, and let you know why it's a good idea to stick to what the people who are screening your resume will look for.

Job Resume: More on the Chronological Format

Once you've decided on the chronological resume format, learn how to package your experience for maximum impact. If a chronological resume makes the most sense for you, this section will help you fine tune your presentation to make the best impression. Included in this section is some of our best advice for how to write a resume.

Functional Resume

Functional resumes are a bit of a mystery to most job seekers. Focusing on skill sets instead of taking a chronological look at where you've worked and what you've accomplished sets the stage for transitioning industries or masking trouble spots in your track record. We'll show you how to create a functional resume that packages your background in the best light.

Hybrid Resume Format
Sales Resume Image

A hybrid resume combines elements of both the chronological format and the functional format. You might be thinking that this choice will give you the best of both worlds, but don't be fooled! In most cases, a pure chronological format will be a better option.

Resume Cover Letters: Our Recommendations

Candidates think they need to spend hours on developing a resume cover letter. We have a different viewpoint. Our resume cover letter section might just enlighten you!

Resume Cover Letters

How much time do you spend agonizing over the content of the cover letter you send when applying for a position? Are you using the "cookie cutter" approach or developing unique content geared to the opportunity you're applying for? Resume Cover Letters will give you some helpful hints to get noticed!

Starting at the Top: Resume Objectives...or Not?

The debate rages on among the professionals. Is an objective needed on a resume? We have a better idea and a foolproof way to prevent you from being knocked out of the running before you've even had a chance to speak to a hiring manager. Learn the ins and outs of including an objective on your resume. To borrow a slogan: we decide.

Resume Objectives

Incorporating an objective into your resume is dangerous! Find out why - and what you can do instead.

Resume Objective: How to Derail Your Job Search!

Here's an article I published on the subject of resume objectives. By the time you've reviewed the information in this section, I think you'll know where I stand on this topic!

Objectives for Resumes: Will These Examples Help You Write a Resume?

Need to see some examples of good resume objectives? In today's market, the resume objective is really a short summary of your experience and key strengths. Get ideas for this important part of your resume here.

Resume Objective Examples

Objectives continue to be a hot topic. For more on our approach to resume objectives, you'll want to take this advice to heart. Trust us. You'll land more interviews following our guidance!

How to Write a Resume

So many visitors to our site are looking for a "how to" guide, or a tutorial on how to write a resume. Don't be overwhelmed by what you find here. Information is presented in a few different ways, since we all learn differently. Review these sections and put your own roadmap together on how you want to build your resume.

How to Create a Resume

Get some straight forward advice on how to create a resume that gets noticed. If you're looking for a quick how to guide, this section is for you!

Resume Outline

Before you write one word, create a road map for yourself. If you outline the key sections of your resume before you start, you'll find that your final document comes together pretty quickly. Our outline tips will show you how to write a resume that gets noticed!

Resume Formats

You'll need to consider what resume format works best for your experience level. Your choices are chronological, functional or a combination of both. We'll share the secrets of making the right choice to increase your chances of landing that ideal job.

Resume Layout

We'll cover some practical, hands on do's and don'ts for how to write a resume that looks good! Aesthetics matter. Don't underestimate this important step in the process!

Resume Keywords

Your resume should be tailored for each position you're applying for. Find out how to write a resume including keywords that can help you stand out from your competition.

Resume Action Words

You know that you need good action words on your resume. But where can you go to find a good action word when you need one? DerrJones can help! Browse through our action words and punch up your resume.

Create a Resume

Learn the ins and outs of creating a document that will help you stand out from the crowd. We'll reveal the "pre-writing" secrets that you need to know in order to create an effective resume.

Write a Resume

Use the resources of DerrJones, Inc. to write a free resume. We'll give you the step by step instructions to build a winning resume.

Resume Writing "How To" Instructions

Create a winning document with these resume writing short cuts. If you make some notes on the most important elements, pulling your final document together will be a snap!

Resume Tips, Advice and General Help

Review these sections for some insider tricks and tips on how to write a resume. Implementing one or two of these ideas can mean the difference between getting the interview or waiting for the phone to ring.

Tips on Writing a Resume

Use these 10 tips for some quick guidance on how to write a resume. All of the basics are covered here. If you need more detail, you can check out other portions of our Resumes section for help.

The Best Resume Ideas

Find some basic, no nonsense ideas here to jump start writing the perfect resume. Follow this quick run down of the information you'll need at your fingertips in order to showcase your experience. You'll be well on your way to landing that next job!

Resume Writing Tips

Take a lightning fast look at our top ten tips for how to write a resume that gets noticed. While not a substitute for following the rest of our guidelines, our top ten tips are a short cut to creating a successful document.

Resume Writing Help

Our top 10 resume flags take a look at some of the things you need to avoid when creating your resume. Presented in David Letterman fashion, this is a good reality check as you build your resume.

Sample Resumes

We know that you want to see what a good resume should look like. We've got some samples waiting for you!

Resume Samples

Want to see an example of the finished product? Review the resume samples we've provided and adapt them for your own use.

Functional Resume Samples

There's nothing like looking at an example of the real thing! We'll show you what a functional resume should look like when you're done.

Special Resumes

Are you in a special situation? Are you a student, wondering how to put a resume together when you don't have much experience? Maybe you're a sales professional. You understand a good deal about how to write a resume but need some help on what's needed on a sales resume. Take a look at our special categories for some great advice.

The Sales Resume

A sales resume includes all of the elements we've been discussing, plus more. Find out how to showcase your sales accomplishments by incorporating key metrics. We'll also help you avoid the common traps most sales professionals fall into when writing their resume.

College Student Resume

I was instrumental in the development of a College and Career Prep program for the Union League of Philadelphia's Youth Work initiative, targeted to high school and college students. These workshops focus on resume preparation and interview skills that are critical to giving young people an edge as they look for employment.

Find out why you should take advice from a recruiting pro, rather than your guidance counselor or the career office at your university.

A Simple Resume? Think Again!

As a recruiter, I think I've seen it all. Find out why putting together a simple resume is not necessarily a good strategy in your job search.

Not Looking for DYI Solutions? These Tools Might Help

Despite all of the information we've provided on how to write a resume, we know that some people are looking for an easier solution. Here are some resources that can help you build a resume without heavy lifting!

Microsoft Word Resume Template

We can give you all kinds of information on how to write a resume, but when it comes to putting your official document together, you might be tempted to turn to a template. We're not saying this is right or wrong, but if you choose this option, you need to do so wisely. We'll show you how.

Resume Distribution Services

If you're in the hunt for a new opportunity, there are companies that can distribute your resume to literally thousands of recruiters. There are pros and cons to this strategy. We'll give you some things to consider in making a decision to use these services.

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