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Resume Objectives

Resume objectives are no longer in favor. In fact, you can actually hinder your chances of getting called for an interview because of your objective. I'm going to give you a better, stronger way to start your resume. A way that will be harder for applicant tracking systems and Human Resource screeners to ignore your submission.

Rather than using an objective on your resume, a strong opening summary statement is a far better choice. The trend today is to move away from objectives in favor of a summary of your key strengths. An objective statement is very limiting. It's either going to be so generic that it's meaningless:

A sales position in a company offering growth
opportunity based on performance.

Or, so specific that it will quickly eliminate you from consideration unless it's totally on point to the job at hand:

A VP Sales position where I can leverage my business
development and management skills...

If there's a senior level sales director position open, your resume might be screened out because "VP Sales" triggered a certain profile that was deemed to be too senior for this position.

Titles can vary widely from company to company. A VP Sales in one environment can be an EVP in another; and a Director level in another. Specific resume objectives will significantly limit your options.

Resume Objectives

Elements of a Strong Summary Statement

Your summary statement is going to be a short narrative (3-5 sentences) that describes your experience and key strengths. Although your Summary appears at the top of your resume, this section should actually be written last, after the other sections of your resume are completed.

In addition to focusing on your experience and key strengths, you should also focus on keywords in this section. Keywords are important to get past both human screeners and Applicant Tracking Systems. Take your cue from the job ad you're applying to. Seed your summary with some of the ad's buzz words.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you make things up. NEVER misrepresent your background on your resume. Packaging/spin is one thing; misrepresentation is another.

You need to be honest in your skill assessment and apply to positions you're qualified for. But within this context, if there are words used in the ad that describe you, bring a few of these into your summary. The screener - whether human or electronic - will pick up on these words and keep reading.

And, that's what this is all about. You have 15-20 seconds to make it into the "Yes" pile. Resume Keywords will help you get there!

Your Summary Statement:
The Alternative to Resume Objectives

Think of your summary statement as your "elevator speech" at a networking event. Who are you and what do you do? How do you characterize your experience and what key strengths do you bring to an organization?

Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Award winning business to business technology sales executive with a track record of exceeding quota. Strong C-level rolodex in Fortune 500 and mid-market companies. Significant experience and success in closing multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts. Dynamic leader and team player with a sharp focus on achieving results.

Sales leader with 10 years of experience in the chemical and automotive industries. Well known in the industry for turning under-performing teams into award winning producers.

Results driven leader offering General Management, Business Development, and Sales Management background demonstrating extensive breadth and depth of experience gained from 20 years with Fortune 1000, small cap, and start up technology companies. Dynamic change agent for organizations pioneering new technologies and business processes that revolutionize the way organizations do business, consistently delivering "best in class" results within intensely competitive industries.

An accomplishment oriented executive with a successful track record in profit and revenue growth. An energetic, creative, pragmatic leader with sales, marketing, training, and management expertise. Expert in team building, short and long term planning, and general management.

Sales and marketing professional with expertise in customer acquisition, increasing revenues, developing and implementing marketing programs, and business development. Successful contributor with proven abilities to sell products and services as well as build, develop and focus sales teams. Managed teams from 5 to 50 people. Proven ability to develop and execute marketing plans resulting in immediate revenue contribution to the sales organization.

Award winning sales professional with 9 years of experience in IT solution sales and account management to Fortune 500, Global 1000, and other enterprise organizations, including 5 years as a national account executive for a global leader in IT outsourcing. Lead the organization in new account production across several industries. Consistent track record of achieving sales goals in excess of $10 million per year. President's Club and Chairman's Circle winner for 5 consecutive years.

The Last Word...

Use strong summary statements like these rather than
resume objectives to make a good first impression
on hiring managers. If you take our advice and
avoid resume objectives, you'll find your
interview schedule filling up. Guaranteed!

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