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How to Find a Job

Our thoughts on how to find a job are grounded in years of experience helping candidates land great jobs in companies around the country. A job search is always a daunting task, whether you're out of work, unhappy in your current job, or just looking for a new challenge. As you climb the corporate ladder, finding a job will become increasingly difficult. The number of positions narrows at each step - manager to director to vice president. And, openings in these higher level positions are not as frequent.

How to Find a Job

These forces can combine to make landing your next role a real challenge.

You can increase your chances of finding that ideal opportunity if you approach finding a job methodically, with a good game plan for what you're looking for and how you intend to find it.

Blindly applying to ads on the internet, spending all of your time talking to recruiters...these are not strategies for success.

Our tips on how to find a job will show you how to jump start your search with a comprehensive plan of action that leaves no stone unturned. We'll connect you with resources you'll need to find out what's happening in the market. Finally, we'll give you advice on putting your best foot forward as you compete for the best openings.

Let's get started!

Job Search Advice

Finding a job is not rocket science. It does, however, take more effort than cruising the internet job boards and applying for anything remotely related to what you do. In this section, we'll lay out a checklist for the steps you need to take to land that next opportunity, from networking to recruiters, to company websites and more.

Networking: The Fast Track to Success

If you've ever been in outplacement, you know that networking is the real key to a successfully transitioning to a new job. The percentage of jobs filled via the internet - and the percentage of jobs filled by recruiters - pale in comparison to the jobs obtained by networking. We'll share some proven strategies on networking to get you comfortable with this valuable job search tool.

Informational Interview

Once you get your foot in the door with a networking connection, what happens? Learn the do's and don'ts of the informational interview, including what questions to ask to keep the conversation flowing.

Finding a Sales Job

In a prior life, we were all about sales jobs. We have some extra tips on how to find a job in sales. We'll share some of our best job search tips for sales professionals. You'll find all you need to know about getting your next sales job on our site.

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