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Job Interview Tips

We know that interviews can be daunting, but our job interview tips will give you some practical, hands on advice for success. You'll be learning some tricks of the trade from a professional recruiter - tips you can use to polish your personal interview skills.

Preparation is more than half the battle, so we'll cover the basics, plus give you an inside look at the interview process. Follow our job interview tips and we guarantee that you'll have the tools you need to ace your next employment interview.

Spend some time reviewing the information we provide, and we'll make sure that you're prepared to go head to head with your toughest interviewer.

Your Roadmap to Interview Preparation

Interview Advice

Before we break down the interview process for you, we'll set the stage with some general advice. Don't ignore this section! You'll find some good information on what to do before the interview in order to stand out from the crowd.

Job Interview Tips

Interview Questions and Answers

We know that this is a topic on everyone's mind. This is the most frequently asked question that we receive from job seekers. Not only do candidates want to get an idea of what questions they might be asked, they want some suggestions on how to answer. And, we aim to please! Knowing what to expect before you walk into an interview will help you prepare answers for the toughest questions you'll be asked.

Interview Questions to Ask

Interviewing is a two way street. The interview is your opportunity to "interview" your prospective employer. Find out more about the company and position by asking good questions. We'll tell you how. This is also an important section if you tend to struggle when the interviewer asks you what questions are on your mind. If you're a deer in the headlights, you won't make a good impression.

Interview Thank You Letters

As a recruiter, I'm amazed by how many professional people are willing to skip this step of the process. A well crafted thank you letter can keep you top of mind with hiring managers. Since some of us encounter "writer's block" when it comes to writing thank you notes. We'll show you some interview thank you letter samples that you can customize for your own use.

Dressing for a Job Interview

Interview Attire

You might be surprised to learn that dressing for an interview has not changed much over the years. With business casual being all the rage, find out the current rules for what to wear to an interview. Review essential dress for success guidelines here. We'll give you job interview tips on how to make a lasting first impression!

Second Interview Questions

You've made it through round one. Find out what to expect when you go back for your second interview.

Interview Etiquette

A serious look at the small things that can torpedo your chances, including a few war stories from the day to day life of a recruiter.

Types of Interviews

When the hiring company calls, you never know what type of interview you're going to face. We'll get you prepared for whatever type of interview you're put through. Our phone interview tips will give you some pointers on how to handle this very common first interview. Learn how to make an impact on the phone and increase your chance of meeting the hiring manager face to face. The behavioral interview, where questions start with "Tell me about a time when..." is a favorite of many hiring managers. We'll also cover informational interviews - an important job networking tool that should be part of your job search arsenal. Finally, look for information on panel interviews to be published next month by DerrJones, since they can be a particularly frightening interview experience!

Top 10 Interview Tips

For those who want some quick tips, everyone loves our top ten lists. Find out our top 10 job interview tips here.

Illegal Interview Questions

Curious about what questions employers are not allowed to ask you? The list goes way beyond age and religion. We'll give you the questions, along with some advice on how to handle an illegal question if someone actually asks!

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