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Second Interview Questions

Congratulations! You made it through Round 1. What second interview questions should you be prepared for - and, what questions should you be asking?

Chances are, second round interviews will be conducted with one or two people who you've already met, plus a number of people who you'll be meeting for the first time.

To a large extent, your interview preparation for Round 2 should be similar to what you did for your first round of meetings. Our Job Interview Tips will get you ready. The only thing we can add to that is to expect the people you've met before to dig a little deeper into your background and experience; the new people are going to cover ground you've probably covered before.

Likewise, the questions you'll be asking in a second interview will typically be more general with the people new to you, but a little more in depth with people you've met before. A second round interview is still all about what you can do for the hiring company - not what they can do for you! You still won't be talking salary and benefits, time off policy and similar "what's in it for me" questions.

Two critical sections to review before this key second round meeting are:

These two sets of questions will get you ready to face even the toughest interviewer. As you read through our interview questions and our suggestions for answering, you'll find that some of them are designed to dig deeper into your background. And, they are usually a little tougher to answer. These will be the focus of second interview questions you'll face in a Round 2 interview.

We guarantee that you'll be better prepared if you spend some time studying our interview questions - and our tips on how to answer.

And, our Interview Questions to Ask will make your preparation a snap. Similar to our interview question and answer series, you'll find that the questions you should be asking can also drill down on the role you're conisidering as well as the culture of the company - what's it like to work here? We've taken the work out of interview prep by compiling a set of questions to ask your prospective employer, regardless of what interview round you're in! Asking questions shows an employer you're engaged in the process and interested in their position. Check it out today!

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