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Job Search Networking

Job search networking is the most productive way to land a new job. You can respond to job ads and work with recruiters, but the real untapped market is found through networking.

Job Search Networking

My counsel to friends and family as they are in job search mode is to take the time to network their way in to companies they are interested in and never apply through a company website! Working on a direct connection to the hiring manager will lead to the greatest success in your job search.

So, how do you get started?

Your Networking List

Step 1 in this process is to make a list of everyone you know. Friends. Relatives. Neighbors. Professional Service providers (your accountant, dentist, lawyer, doctor). Build on this list by attending your local Chamber of Commerce meeting (think Business Card exchanges), and by attending professional trade association meetings in your field that are in your area. Collect business cards. Let people know that you're in the market.

Asking for Help

It's hard for some of us to ask for help. My experience has been that the more specific you can be with your request, the more success you will have. If you ask your contacts a general question, such as: "Do you know anyone who's hiring?" you're not going to get much help. Target your question: "I'm interested in connecting with someone at ABC Manufacturing. Do you have any connections there or know anyone who might?" This technique is particularly effective at networking meetings, where you'll have an opportunity to connect with a wide cross section of people.

Staying Connected

When you meet people at a networking meeting, or a friend or family member has been helpful to you, it's a good practice to follow up and let them know that you are pursuing their referral - or what's happened after you've met. Staying connected takes time and effort. But, email is a great way to quickly keep people up to date on your search.

Connecting with a Referral Contact

Referrals might have a bona fide job opportunity for you, or they might be informational interview opportunities. For more detailed information, including questions to ask these contacts, our Informational Interview section will give you everything you need to know.

Follow our job search networking advice and
you'll tap into that hidden job market.

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