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Resume Samples:
The Chronological Format

Take a look at our resume samples to see how all of the advice we provide in How to Write a Resume comes together. If you've worked on your resume the way we suggest, you'll find that putting a quality document together is not as difficult as you thought. It's important to break things down into manageable segments. Create a rough outline of information to include in each section before trying to polish your thoughts. It's easier to fine tune your resume once you have a roadmap in place.

Resume Samples

Remember, your resume will only get 15-20 seconds to make it into the "YES" pile on a busy recruiter or hiring manager's desk.

If you've follow our advice, your resume will start with a strong Summary Statement, followed by a review of your professional experience in reverse chronological order (your most recent position will be listed first). Make sure that you've included solid accomplishments that highlight your key skills and the depth of your experience.

See our Resume Action Verbs for ideas on making each accomplishment statement on your resume "pop".

If you have significant working experience, your resume still needs to fit on two pages. Try summarizing your early experience, providing companies you've worked for, dates, titles - but nothing else! Don't use valuable resume real estate talking about what you did 20 years ago.

Think about the look and feel of your resume. Make sure that it's readable. Incorporate white space and use a type font that's readable. Use bold and italics to highlight key headings.

Our samples highlight these principles. Study the resume examples below. If you have any questions on how to best present your own background, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'll be happy to help you put our resume advice into action!

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