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Create a Resume:
Why Accomplishments Matter!

To create a resume you'll need to do some hard work and some real thinking! You need to take stock of what you've done in your career - not only where you've worked, but what you've really accomplished.

The DerrJones website is full of resume writing tips. But the truth is, accomplishments are the lifeblood of your resume. Hiring managers get a real sense of what you're capable of doing through your accomplishments. Here's the big secret - get this part right, and it's really pretty easy to create a resume. So, take some time to think about the roles you've had and what experiences stand out for you.

Create A Resume - Let's Get Started

For every position you've held, make a list of your most significant accomplishments. At this point, don't be shy. Don't try to limit your thoughts. Make this a "bullet point" list. We're not looking for any details yet or the best way to present these accomplishments. That will come later. For now, include all the major projects you worked on, your key management successes, things you did that you're particularly proud of. A long list at this point is better than a short list.

When you're building your accomplishments, think specifically about your role in achieving the result you're describing. If a particular result is a team accomplishment, isolate your contribution.

Create a Resume

Keep your focus on accomplishments rather than job responsibilities. This is a key mistake that many people make. Create a resume that reads like a job description and it will be overlooked. Create a resume that is accomplishment rich, and it will be noticed!

Then, reflect on the skills required to achieve each of these accomplishments. These skills can later be incorporated into your Summary Statement (remember, if you're following our advice, that section should be written last!). Look for themes and patterns. Do you see the same 3-4 professional competencies or skills emerging in many of your roles?

Once you've developed a robust list of accomplishments, it's time to exercise some discriminating judgment.

Paring Down the List

Take a look at your list, job by job. Try ranking the accomplishments for each position from 1 thru 10 (or however many items you listed), with 1 being your most significant accomplishment in that role, and 10 being of lesser importance.

In the next step, you want to consider a few things: diversity in the scope of your roles, impressive metrics, and space limitations of a two page resume. This will become a somewhat subjective balancing act. You want to show the breadth and depth of your experience, by including significant accomplishments, but not everything can be included. Look for some balance in the accomplishments you include.

Accomplishment Statements:
Create a Resume that Shines!

As you make a resume, your accomplishments need to include the following elements:

  1. The challenge you faced

  2. The actions you took

  3. The result you achieved

Many refer to this concept as the STAR strategy: Situation, Tactics and Actions, Results. Ideally, each accomplishment will have measurable results attached to it.

Accomplishments need to start with strong action verbs. You can find a comprehensive, but not exhaustive list of resume action words on our site. In short strokes, you're looking to Direct, Manage, Initiate, Lead...rather than Coordinate, Participate, be Responsible for, etc.

You want to present an action oriented profile, rather than a passive one.

Here are some sample Accomplishment
Statements that make an impact:

Designed and executed the sales strategy that drove revenue from $140M to $150+M within one year, with pipeline revenues exceeding $40M.

Renegotiated media contracts in first 90 days resulting in $4,000,000+ in annualized savings.

Led an eight-member cross functional team at a leading global retailer experiencing margin erosion from increased global competition and loss of focus. Identified non-performing promotional programs and successfully shifted activities to be more consumer-focused, resulting in $8,000,000 in annualized margin improvement.

Recruited to overcome performance issues in the region, engage and motivate distributor network and direct business channels. Initiated staff and process changes resulting in a three fold increase in market share, and increased net income 40% over target.

Spearheaded entry into four new international markets: Mexico, China, Easern Europe, Central America. Led new product development initiative that identified several product innovations that were subsequently brought to market, boosting international revenues by 18% to $67 million annually.

Researched and redesigned infrastructure and resource allocation to emerging high-tech growth regions of the world. Shaped strategies to close new business and negotiate contracts in these regions. Generated $110 million in new business and a $75 million pipeline within 12 months of launch.

Built and managed a high performing consultative sales organization comprised of the best and brightest senior sales, system engineering, and field marketing executives. Led the organization from start up to as many as 50 professionals, generating $50M+ in annual revenues from new business development initiatives.

Our Final Thoughts...

Heed our advice on thinking about your accomplishments and you will create a resume that results in more interviews. You can't get the job if you can't land the interview!

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