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Resume Ideas

Sometimes it's really hard to come up with good resume ideas. Most of us don't where to begin.

DerrJones has put together a point by point roadmap to help get you thinking in the right direction. Your resume is a good opportunity to showcase what you've done. Don't be shy! Let's get started.

Resume Ideas

  • Make a chronological list of every company you've worked for, including your dates of employment. Note where they're located.
  • Make a list of every school you've attended (post high school) and degree conferred. Add to this list any professional training you've received (e.g. sales training courses).
  • Write a brief description for each of your employers. For example:
  • A $500 million manufacturer of computer peripherals, with operations in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
  • For each place you've worked, list each different position you've held.
  • Write a brief description of your responsibilities for each position. This should be no more than a sentence or two! For example:
  • Southeastern Territory Manager
    Responsible for a team of 8 regional sales representatives covering a five state territory.
  • Make a list of your top 10 skills. These should be "soft" skills (e.g. communication, listening, negotiating, problem solver, etc.), not the things you know (e.g. your industry knowledge, your job function).
  • Prioritize this list. What are you best at? That skill is #1.
  • For each job you've held, list several (5-8) very specific accomplishments. Try to quantify these, if possible. For example:
  • Increased territory sales by 32% within 18 months, to a record new business volume of $67 million for the Mid-Atlantic Region.
  • Prioritize your accomplishments in each role. Highlight the top 3 for most; highlight your top 5 for the last two positions you've held.
  • Make a list of any awards or honors you've received.
  • Make a list of the Professional Associations/Organizations you're a member of. Include any significant volunteer leadership positions you've held.

You now have all the information you
need to put your resume together!
But, let's keep going...
Now we'll fine tune these resume ideas.

  • Think about your overall format. Decide on chronological, functional or some combination of the two. Chronological is the preferred format.
  • To camoflauge any gaps in employment, list the dates for each employer in terms of years. Sloppy interviewers will not ask if 2005-2006 was December '05 tru January '06 (2 months). They will think you worked for the company at least one year, if not two! Please note: you will not misrepresent these dates in an interview. If asked, be honest. Resumes, however, are designed to screen you out, not in. We want to get your resume past an initial screening and into a hiring manager's hands. Gaps in employment will be a potential negative.
  • Write up the Professional Experience section of your resume. List your most recent position first. Add the company description, and then start filling in the positions you've held. Position, then description, followed by bullet points that showcase your accomplishments. Do this for each company and position until you're done.
  • Add your education credentials, honors and awards.
  • Add your Professional Associations.
  • One more hard part and then you're done...
    Your Summary Statement

  • Write a short narrative paragraph that describes the work you do and your key strengths. Think of this as your elevator speech at a networking event...who are you and what do you do? This narrative can be followed by 5-6 bullet points, outlining your key strengths (you've already identified these!). For example:
  • Accomplished Wharton MBA with global sales experience in the semi-conductor industry. Award winning multi-million producer, with a proven track record of turning poor performing teams into sales leaders. Strong c-level contact network that yields results...
  • Add your contact information to the top of your document - and on the top of Page 2 - and you're good to go!

A strong resume will lead to more interviews. Guaranteed.

For more information on resume development, browse through the links provided in our section titled How to Write a Resume. You'll find great resume ideas throughout!

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