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Microsoft Word Resume Template

Microsoft Word Resume Template

OK. I get it. Writing a resume is hard work. The Microsoft Word Resume Template seems like the perfect solution to your problem. You can choose from multiple designs and then just drop your information into a pre-set resume format. Best of all, it's free!

Before you run out to the Microsoft site to download one of these resume templates, let me give you some things to think about. And, just to show you that I'm not afraid of a little competition, here's the link: Microsoft Word Resume Template.

I've gone out to the Microsoft site, and looked at some of the resume formats provided. Some are not bad. Some are downright awful! How are you going to choose the format that's right for you?

If you're set on using a Microsoft Word Resume Template as a tool, then use it wisely.

Here's some advice from DerrJones:

  • Eliminate any template that has color, wavy lines, and an off-center format.
  • Do not follow the wording you see on any of these resumes. Many of them are poorly written.
  • Look for clean lines, white space and readability. Get design ideas from the templates you like.
  • If you find tables embedded in the format, do not use it. Tables can render in bizarre ways when your document is opened in an ATS system, or even in email.
  • Heed the warnings - Microsoft does not guarantee that downloads are virus free.

What's the Alternative?

You can build your resume in Microsoft Word without using one of the templates that you can find online. It's not that difficult. Professional looking documents have a few things in common:

  • The font is "clean". Opt for Arial, Verdanna or even Times New Roman. Use nothing smaller than 10 point type. 11 point might be better.
  • Vary the effects. Use some bold in your headings. Use italics. Use bullet points. One note of caution: Don't overdo any of these! Your goal is a document that's easy on the eyes.
  • Insert horizontal lines to separate sections of your document. Partial lines work nicely.
  • Leave plenty of white space. Your resume will be more readable.
  • Don't go over two pages. If your information doesn't fit in two pages, go back and edit. Your most recent positions should include more detail than your earlier roles. In fact, think about summarizing your early career experience with a list of places worked, titles and dates. You'll save a lot of space!

The Finished Product

If you're following the advice from DerrJones, your content will be stellar. Use the tips above in lieu of a Microsoft Word Resume Template and stand out from the crowd. The writing should be the hard part. Pulling the document together in MS Word should be easy!

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