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A Simple Resume? Think Again!

As a recruiter, the idea of using a simple resume to get a hiring manager's attention makes me cringe. Yes, cringe! But, maybe you're not looking for a bare bones document that's put together without much thought...maybe you're looking for someone to give you a simple process for putting a good resume together. I certainly hope that's the case. And if it is, DerrJones can help.

Why Doesn't a Simple Resume Work?

When you're applying for a job, think professional - not simple. It doesn't matter what type of job you're applying for. A nicely spaced two page document, that showcases keywords and accomplishments that match the hiring company's requirements, is going to get the interview call every time.

A one page summary of your experience, that just gives the facts, with no color commentary attached, is not going to impress a hiring manager. Hiring authorities need to know more about you. What you've accomplished in your career. Your resume should not read like a job description, listing the tasks you're responsible for completing each day. Your resume should be about how you've used your skills to do good work for the employers who have hired you in the past.

Hiring is all about making a good match between a candidate's background and the skills needed to be successful in the job. Period. Your resume needs to give the hiring manager a clue about how your experience is going to fit his or her requirements. It's hard to do that with a document that doesn't elaborate on your experience.

Spend your time and energy writing a resume that is worthy of your experience. If you need some help getting started, browse through some outstanding sections provided by DerrJones on creating a resume that stands out. Use the links below to build a professional document that will get you in the door.

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