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The DerrJones Human Resources Consulting Division helps companies build and execute a recruitment strategy that is consistent with their tactical and strategic business plans. These services are most in demain when companies don't have money in their budget for a full search project. But we know how a stretched human resources department can use more hands on deck. That's where DerrJones can help!

Customized consulting services support the searches our clients want to direct. We "unbundle" the recruitment process in order to bring our clients the services that make sense for their business. Sample projects include:

  • Developing position descriptions: when you're having trouble getting the hiring manager to write up a job description, it might be easier to give them a draft to approve. It's much easier to edit than to create!
  • Screening resumes: Do you have hundreds of responses to that job ad you placed on one of the major job boards? We hear from our clients how tedious it is to screen through those resumes to find the one or two candidates who are actually qualified for our opening. Outsource this function to us. We can do this for you!
  • Conducting initial interviews: Once those resumes from your job ad are reviewed, you know that your initial screen work is not done. An initial phone screen can narrow the field and find out who among your prospects is truly worthy of a face to face interview.
  • Checking references. Most of our clients breeze through this step, asking only the most basic questions - and often getting told what they want to hear. Asking DerrJones to do reference checking can take this chore off your plate. We know that you don't like to do it!

Strategic/Tactical Human Resources Consulting Support provides clients with a roadmap for success in filling open positions, with emphasis on reducing time to fill. DerrJones works with clients to determine hiring needs for the year and then customizes a solution for the organization that optimizes recruitment alternatives while minimizing costs.

For more information on our Consulting Division, call us today at 610-645-4160. We'll be happy to help!

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