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Interview Questions and Answers

Listening to candidates answering interview questions on a daily basis makes it easy to spot candidates who are motivated from those who are going through the motions and then wondering why they're not called back. Motivated candidates are prepared candidates. They know something about the company they are interviewing with. They know what's on their resume, and they have studied up on answering interview questions they are likely to come across in a first round interview. Preparation shows. Prepared candidates don't fumble around for answers. They also answer the question that was asked.

As you get ready for your next interview, think about how you would handle the questions that follow.


This is another question for sales professionals. Average deal size is important to make sure that an interviewer is comparing apples to apples. If your average deal size differs significantly from the opportunity at hand, there will be a question as to your fit with the requirements of the spot. Selling a $3,000,000 deal is much different than selling a $3,000 deal. The sales cycle will be different, the point of contact within the organization is likely to be different. The nature of the relationship will be different.

If you are not in sales, think about how to adapt this question. If you're a computer programmer, you might be asked about a typical development assignment and how long it takes you to get the work completed.


Answering interview questions like this usually catch people off guard. Most of us do this routinely, but yet we rarely think about how we do it. We're looking for evidence that you get to know your customers on a personal as well as a business level. I'm not talking about becoming best friends. But, I am talking about developing a relationship that includes understanding what makes them tick -- what's important to them. Do they have children? What are their hobbies? What's their career experience? Are your relationships strong enough to generate referrals?


Again, this question is a differentiator for a sales candidate pool. Companies will want to hire someone who is currently calling on a similar level within the organization. Selling to the C-suite is much different than selling to Purchasing. Companies tend to look for people who believe in developing relationships wide and deep in a company. You might start at the top, but typically mid-level managers have some say in who gets the deal. Likewise, if you start in Purchasing, relationships with the true decision makers in the organization are important. We're looking for sales savvy in your response to this question. Do you know how to work the organization to your benefit?

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